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We live in a time full of opportunities. Through Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse, we can create a better Internet. The combination of biology and technology is saving lives. But at the same time, our planet is on the brink of collapse. How do we get order out of this chaos?

Thinking about the motto for this year's conference, we were struck by how polarized public discourse has become. Too often we end up in "us versus them” situations. But it’s not nature or technology, analog life or digital life, privacy or comfort, profit or impact. We don’t have to choose between the old economy and the new economy.

Let’s not fall back into the same divisive patters again and again. Let’s create and celebrate collaborative solutions for a better future. Therefore, our motto for this year is: Synthese. (Which, by the way, is the German word for Synthesis.)

Our Speakers


... and many more!

What to expect

  • Three evenings...

    in the old planetarium of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, together with 100 guests from startups, VCs, corporates, art, science and universities on site, with drinks and snacks - and many more participants online.

  • Three topics...

    from the future of the digital space with Web3, NFTs and Metaverse to breakthroughs in biotechnology, and on to green growth and system change.

  • Good insights...

    through inspiring talks, controversial debates, exciting pitches, in-depth conversations and artistic performances - all from hand-picked speakers and contributors.

  • An online experience...

    for all who can't join us on site, but participate digitally. You'll also get the opportunity to interactively engage in the program and to explore a metaverse in virtual reality.


Day 1
Tuesday, November 23rd

Web3 and the Metaverse space featuring Vitalik Buterin (online), Christoph Jentzsch, Alexander Lange, Zied Bahrouni, the final of our New Realities competition, the performance of Mehmet Unal Studio and more.

Day 2
Wednesday, November 24th

The transformation of our economic system, the future of food and the biotechnological revolution featuring Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Wolfgang Nellen, Jo B. Woehrstein, Sara Marquart, Tilen Travik and more.

Day 3
Thursday, November 25th

Tech4Good, Green Growth and the BioNTech story featuring Katalin Karikó, Ugur Sahin, Özlem Türeci, Heba Aguib, Danijel Visevic, Susanne Kadner, Cassi Welling, Zsófia Péter, Dominik Campanella and more.
Drinks and food are included in the ticket price for our on-site attendees.

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Arial view of Deutsches Museum
Altes Planetarium

We transform the old planetarium of the iconic Deutsches Museum into a unique event location. Guests will be able to follow the program and network in a relaxed atmosphere - like in a cabaret or a salon. For our digital participants, we not only provide to interact and ask their questions, but also a dedicated metaverse in virtual reality.


Choose between on-site tickets for one of the conference days or a digital ticket for the entire conference.

  • Day Pass 23.11.

    On-site ticket for day 1 focusing on Web3 and the Metaverse – featuring Vitalik Buterin (online), Christoph Jentzsch and more.

  • Day Pass 24.11.

    On-site ticket for day 2 focusing on system change, the future of food and the biotechnological revolution – featuring Ann-Kristin Achleitner and more.

  • Day Pass 25.11.

    On-site ticket for day 3 focusing on Tech4Good, Green Growth and the BioNTech story – featuring Katalin Karikó, Ugur Sahin, Özlem Türeci and more.

  • Digital Pass

    This digital all day pass gives you access to the livestream and digital interaction opportunities on all conference days – and a 1 year 1E9 membership.

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